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  • 조교수 정보서비스
  • 이용정

학력 Education

  • (Ph.D.) 플로리다 주립대학교, 문헌정보학박사

약력/경력 Experience

  • 성균관대학교 문헌정보학과 조교수
  • 문헌정보학과 학과장 (2019년 현재)

관심분야 Research Interest

  • 건강 및 의학정보학 (Health & Medical Informatics)
  • 소비자건강정보행태 (Consumer Health Information Behavior)
  • 건강정보문해(Health Information Literacy)

연구키워드 Research Keyword

  • 건강정보서비스
  • 건강정보행태

연구성과 Major Research Achievements

  • 건강 앱 이용자들의 단계적 건강행위변화와 정보탐색행태 ( Stages of Change to Health Behavior and Health Information-Seeking Behavior of Health Application Users). 한국문헌정보학회지, 51(4): 161-181.
  • What answers do questioners want on social Q&A? User preferences of answers about STDs, Internet Research, Vol. 27 Issue: 5, pp.1104-1121.
  • Compliance of Section 508 in public library systems with the largest percentage of underserved populations. Government Information Quarterly, 32(1), 75-81.
  • Health literacy and health information behavior of Florida public library users: A mixed methods study. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 47(1), 17-29.
  • Consumer Health Information Behavior in Public Libraries: A qualitative study. The Library Quarterly, 85(1), 45-63.
  • Cultural influences on seeking quality health information: An exploratory study of the Korean community. Library & Information Science Research, 34(1), 45-51.

학술활동 Conference Paper

  • ASIST, ALISE, iConference, 한국문헌정보학회, 한국정보관리학회, 한국비블리아학회